West Fargo Bar & Grill Donates Half of Sales to Moszer Family

A West Fargo bar & grill is donating half of the days sales to Officer Moszer’s family.

The support for the fallen officer continues, as Pub West lends a hand.

All food and beverages including alcohol will be counted for the total sale.

Pub West is located near the Scheel’s Arena, where Officer Moszer’s funeral was held.

The bar and grill got the word out through social media.

“The owner of Pub West decided, ‘Hey, let’s do this, to give back to the community. The officers around this place help everybody out a lot and take care of us more than you think and realize,'” says Pub West General Manager Larry Hauger.
The pub is open until midnight.

If you would like to contribute to the Moszer family you can drop donations off at any Bell State Bank locations or donate online to their Go Fund Me.

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