Moorhead Church Group Avoids Attack at Brussels Airport

Deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels killed more than 30 people and injured more than 270.

If the attacks had occurred just hours earlier, a local church mission group could have been among the victims.

A group from Calvary Church in Moorhead left Brussels Airport less than a day before suicide bombers attacked.

Now, they say they’re grappling with difficult questions about traveling abroad.

Six missionaries were returning from a trip to Rwanda.

“Building furniture, classroom materials,” explains missionary Corey Trick.
Travel plans included a four hour layover in Brussels.

Pastor Ben Killerlain says the mood seemed different.

They arrived soon after a suspect in last year’s Paris terror attacks was arrested in Brussels.
Killerlain says, “We were reading about how there had been a lot of terrorist activity in that area.”
Despite that, the group was able to leave Brussels.

Even with the tension, he says security wasn’t as tight as it is on this side of the Atlantic.
Killerlain adds, “We know that the security in America is a little tighter. Recognize that as you walk through different gates.”

About 22 hours after they left, bombs ripped through the airport.

ISIS is taking credit for the deadly attacks.

The missionaries were already back in the U.S. when they heard the news.

Killerlain says, “We were shocked.”
Trick says a friend texted him, “‘Whoa, you just missed.’ And I’m like ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘Oh,Brussels airport.’ And I’m like ‘Oh! Was just there.'”
They’re glad they weren’t there when the attacks happened.

But the bombings hit close enough to make them think.
Killerlain asks, “How you would walk through that if you were there? Just brings question marks and things you want to plan for in the future, that you don’t really know how.”
Church members admit you can’t guarantee safety when traveling abroad, but they say the attacks will not affect their plans for any future mission trips.
“I don’t see how it could,” the pastor adds. “We’ll continue to travel. We’ll continue to do missions work as a church because ultimately we believe Jesus is in control and we trust him with that.”
He has not set plans yet, but Killerlain says this won’t be the last time he travels the world in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Killerlain says we can’t respond to the terror attacks by retaliating against Islam or Muslims.

He says that kind of reaction is just want groups like ISIS want to see.

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