City Of Callaway Picking Up Pieces After Fiery Derailment

Cleanup crews are at the scene where a fiery train derailment forced the evacuation of the town of Callaway, Minnesota.
Callaway is a town of nearly 230 people.

They were all evacuated, and the propane tanker blew up shortly after 10 p.m.

The people of Callaway are now picking up the pieces after having their world shaken up.
The Young family moved Callaway in December, little did he know that three months down the road, he and his family would be evacuated.
“We felt everything. We were in our room and our house just starting shaking,” says Marsha Young.
Traumatic seems to be the word that best describes what would be the most hectic day Callaway has ever experienced.
“I don’t know how anyone got away without getting hurt. It’s just amazing,” says Sheriff Todd Glander of Becker County.

Sheriff Glander says firefighters stood 100 yards away from the explosion.

No one was injured in the blast.

He also said the propane tanker truck was 30 to 50 yards from a 30,000 ton propane tank which could’ve resulted in casualties.

Canadian Pacific Railway crews were out at the scene making sure the site was safe and functional.
“We moved our first train through the site about 10:15 this morning. That was at a reduced speed and it follows extensive inspection to make sure that rail line is safe for transportation,” says Canadian Pacific Railway Spokesman Andy Cummings.
The cleanup may take a few days but as the Canadian Pacific Railway starts to clear the mess, families are getting the clear to go back home.
“Hopefully everything is still intact. The property from the outside looked fine. I’m just glad we get to come back home and do whatever and get back to normal life,” says Mark Young.
The Youngs along with the rest of town, will return to their homes and evaluate if there were any damages done.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, that served as the former command area, is switching gears back to prayers but will continue to step up for their community.
“The community was there for us. That’s how it was like here last night. If anything were to happen, we were here. So I know the community is great. We help each other out,” says Janet Donnery with the church.
The current command center is at the Callaway City Hall.

The incident is still under investigation.

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