Detroit Lakes Jail Dealing With Inmate Overcrowding

Detroit Lake’s jail is looking at expanding in response to the jail overcrowding.

The Becker County Jail has been looking at multiple options to deal with their current inmate crowding.

One option they’re eyeing is adding a third floor on top of their jail.

If approved this could take up to 35 months and hold up to 140 inmates.

However, they’re still calculating the numbers to make sure the new structure is able to hold enough inmates for the next 20 to 30 years.

“I guess the main thing is that we want to make the best decision for year to come. That’s what is taking the most time. The decision we make is going to be based on information we get from architect, engineer and other sources,” says Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander.
Sheriff Glander says every five years there’s an average of 22 inmates added in the population prisoner custody.

The Becker County Board will decide after the planning options on what step they chose to move forward with.

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