Catholics and Lutherans Join Forces Against Climate Change

Two Christian faiths are coming together to talk about climate change.
Lutheran and Catholic bishops joined under one roof, to spread awareness about how to better care for our environment.

This comes after Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si,” a revolutionary call to confront the environmental crisis.

A panel of Bishops talked about the threats this brings and why humans are to care for God’s creations.

“I think everybody needs to discuss it, the challenges to the environment and even more so the relationship of the human family to our world and to each other in the world. It’s universal. There are some real challenges and even crisis that we’re facing,” says Diocese of Fargo Bishop John Folda.
This is the first Joint Theological Day for Catholic Priests and Lutheran Pastors in Fargo.

The conversation was organized by two Catholic Bishops and two ELCA Bishops.

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