“We’re Gonna Score Some Goals”: UND Fans Ready for Ice

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UND is ready for another shot at a national title.

The team is in Florida for tonight’s semifinal game against Denver University.

And we hear the fans are ready.

MM: We are standing just outside UND Headquarters and across the street is Amalie Arena and we’re joined by Val Sussex the Associate Director of the North Dakota Champions Club.  Val, what’s the atmosphere like in there?

VS: There are so many UND fans here that have come from far away for the party and it’s awesome.

MM: You had said this is the third straight year you guys have done this.  Aside from the obvious, the weather, how does it compare to Philly and Boston?

VS: It’s awesome.  The weather makes a huge difference but just the amount of people who want to come to town, this is the best one yet.  So excited for the game and just a fun atmosphere to be a part of.

MM: There’s probably a couple hundred people in there.  There might be more.  When you guys plan this event and when you’ve done it in the past, how does this turnout compare to previous years?

VS: This is amazing.  This is about the same number of people we had in Boston last year but the space is so much better.  It’s so wide open you can see everybody so there’s a lot of good networking going on in there.

MM: Plus, it’s outside and that has its huge benefits.  You are with North Dakota so we have to ask you.  Prediction on the game?

VS: I think North Dakota’s going to take this one.  I get nervous but I’m going to go with 4-2.  I think we’re scoring goals.  I think we’ve got goal scorers on the team and we’re going to put some pucks in and Cam’s gonna be great in that and he’s only letting two by.  But we’re scoring four so it doesn’t matter.

Val is ready to go and 400 of her closest friends are ready to go.

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