Can You Solve This Mystery? Puzzled FM Says Only a Lucky Few Can!

There’s a new mystery to solve in town and you only have an hour to do it.

Puzzled FM is a live 60 minute experience where participants must solve the mystery of Madame Zeller.

All of the answers are in one room, but only 30 percent of people have been able to crack the case.

A local couple came up with the idea after hosting Halloween parties complete with mysteries for their friends to solve.

“We bounce ideas off of each other very well, like I’ll say what about this and he’ll get a look on his face like hmm how can I change that a little or tweak it and then he’ll tell me his take on my idea and we just bounce it back and forth until we come up with a final product,” says Puzzled FM Co-Creator, Kay Cameron.

Puzzled FM is located in downtown Fargo’s Black Building.

The space is open Fridays and Saturdays.

Those interested are encouraged to book online.

The cost to play is $26 per person.

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