Honeymoon Trends Changing Across the Nation

Wedding season is fast approaching, and with weddings also means honeymoons.

A new survey released by Westin Hotels and Resorts shows there are some new trends coming into the honeymoon market.

The survey found more couples are taking active honeymoons.

They also found they’re packing more destinations into a shorter amount of time all while staying in the U.S.

“What we think is that people want to focus more on doing things during their honeymoon and getting the most out of their time they’re together and spending less time traveling and that’s really what we think is behind the trend,” says Westin Hotels Vice President, Bob Jacobs.
One other trend popping up is a new kind of honey moon, also known as a mini moon lasting only a few days.

Instead of jetting off immediately after the wedding many are saving their full honeymoon for six months or even a year later.

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