Fargo Gamers Mourning One Of Their Own

Fargo’s gaming community is grieving after losing one of its own.

Magic: The Gathering is a card game that requires strategy and skill.
“It’s effectively chess meets poker,” says Paradox Owner, Richard Early.
And ever since Tim Edwardson walked into the store 15 years ago, Early knew he found a special kind of gamer.
“He’s been a passionate player with just about every major card game we’ve ever had,” says Early.
After Tim Edwardson unexpectedly died just a week ago, Richard Early said he had to do something, so he called all gamers in for a tournament to honor Tim.
“He kept me going with it and I think the best way I could honor him is to carry on playing,” says friend of Tim’s, Ryan Weishaar.
Richard and Tim traveled together playing Magic across the country.
“Best thing I can do is try to enjoy life to the fullest as he did and playing Magic was a big part of his life to him,” says Weishaar.
“One of the things people love about Tim the most is his infectious smile, his smile was like contagious,” says friend of Tim’s, Alex Early.
A smile that meant so much to the entire gaming community,
“I’m watching a reverend and members of Tim’s family mentioning my store, talking about Magic: The Gathering and that’s just something I could never have imagine something I would be doing,” says Richard Early.
And it’s a smile that will be missed.
“He is just the perfect example of what you would want a player to be and what the spirit of them game should be about,” says Richard Early.

If you would like to help the Edwardson family, Paradox has set up the fund.

Click here to donate.

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