Making A Difference: Empowering Orphan Girls in South Sudan

A local organization works to help girls in South Sudan, but they need your help too.
African Soul American Heart hopes to raise awareness with this year’s annual fundraiser luncheon.

The organization works to empower orphan girls in South Sudan aiming to protect them from forced or early marriages.

The program’s founder hopes to teach them practical life skills, empower them to be leaders and give back to their countries.

“I have these kids that are in my life, like 47 kids, that call me mommy and that’s a little bit of a responsibility but they look to me to continue providing this help for them and I can’t do that without all the many, many donors,” says African Soul American Heart President, Deb Dawson.
Full living expenses are provided for the nearly 50 students that make up the program.

The program also provides funding for extracurricular activities, like sports and field trips.

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