Class Of 2016 Prepares To Make Its Mark

It’s that time of year again, graduation season.

It was a bittersweet day for more than 500 students at Concordia College.

As many say goodbye to some sweet memories, others are saying hello to a bright future ahead.
After four years of hard work, new found friendships and plenty of lasting memories the day is finally here, and these soon to be alum are ready to make their mark.
“Best four years of my life, had a great run and ready to keep on going,” says Class of 2016 Graduate, Isaac Anderson. 
Some more ready than others.
“It’s going to be a little surreal, kind of bitter sweet, it still hasn’t quite hit me yet that this is happening,” says Class of 2016 Graduate, Evan Berg-Dibley.
But whether these grads are ready or not, the world is waiting.
“I can unabashedly tell you that when you leave these grounds and go out into the world you are more than prepared to make your mark,” says Commencement Speaker, Fay Ferguson.
Bjorn Altenburg hopes to make his mark serving the people of North Dakota as a lawyer.

He’s currently in the process of applying to UND’s law school.
“As my father would always say there are many things you can gain and lose in life but an education isn’t one of them, that is something i will have from here to the end of my life and I can carry it with me,” says Class of 2016 Graduate, Bjorn Altenburg.
Isaac Anderson came from the west coast to attend Concordia, but it looks like the Midwest is where he’s staying.
“I’m actually applying to a bunch of places in the cities, looking for a PR spot, HR spot, somewhere around those areas,” says Anderson.
“And my faith that your good work will continue to influence the affairs of a world that so much needs your gifts,” says Concordia College President, Dr. William Craft.
And while these grads know they have a big job ahead, today is all about celebrating.
“Just thank god, Soli Deo Gloria, to God the glory alone,” says Altenburg.
Because tomorrow the work begins.
“Ready to go out there and do the Concordia thing,” says Anderson.
This year’s commencement speaker Fay Ferguson is a 1973 graduate of Concordia College.

She’s now co-CEO of Burrell Communications Group in Chicago.

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