Don’t Get Burned: Red Flag Warning Highlights Dangerous Conditions

Don’t get burned.

Firefighters warn about extreme fire danger in the region.
A Red Flag warning was in effect in Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota through 8 P.M. Tuesday.

The warning means you are not allowed to start any outdoor fires while the warning is in place.

Warm weather, low humidity and high winds could be a fatal combination if a fire breaks out.

Fargo Fire officials say this is the perfect time to clean out cigarette butt containers which can become kindling under these conditions.

“If you’re using a plastic can, and they’re thrown in there, and recently a cigarette gets up in that wasn’t properly put out, it could ignite all the trash that’s in there or the container itself,” says Fargo Fire Marshal Ryan Erickson.
While hot and dry conditions should last for the next few days, high winds are expected to drop by Wednesday morning.

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