Get the “Cheerleader” Look: The Dos and Don’ts Behind the Spirit?

A college cheerleader poster that sparked controversy over the internet gets taken down.
It’s a flyer that stated what hopefuls should look like when they try out.

It’s an image that has people on social media up in arms.

Some people are shrugging their shoulders, saying that this is the standard look and others are upset saying that this sets women back.
“When I first saw it, I saw it on the Daily mail dot com. This is kind of B.S,” says NDSU student Ragu Mahamud.
This University of Washington image gave a list of what to do and what not to do, listing things from having a bronze, beachy glow and flattering eye-shadow, to not having smokey eyes or nude lips.

U-Dub isn’t the only college who’s guilty of this.

But this NDSU student doesn’t think looks should be a factor if you have the talent.

Mahamud says, “Skills over looks, one hundred percent.”
Many say this objectifies women and creates barriers.

But some think it’s okay to tailor looks to meet the standard cheerleader look.
“What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cheerleader?
You would see a pretty girl like that, you know what I mean. So personally I think it’s okay, I don’t think there should be any problem with that,” says NDSU student David Mohamed.
It seems that through pop culture and the media, we’ve come to perceive cheerleaders to look a certain way.

When showing people the flyer, this is their reaction.
“Overall, I think yeah. Basically, that’s what a cheerleader looks like when I think of one,” says NDSU student Courtney South.
And for those people saying that it’s body shaming women, this student thinks the whole flyer is full contradictions.
South says, “I don’t think it’s body shaming. I think it’s too nit-picky and hard to please if that’s the standard that they want everyone to go for.”
Due to the backlash on social media, the University of Washington has taken down the flyer.

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