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Garth Brooks-mania is hitting Fargo hard.

The country megastar and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, are headlining the Fargodome for four nights, starting Thursday.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s tour lands in Fargo.

Why Fargo?
Brooks answers, “Where did you have the most fun last time? There’s the science on how you pick the cities.”
In a one-on-one interview, Brooks tells KVRR’s Adam Ladwig what he wants to see during his stay.
He says, “I hope in five days of me and you talking, you go what does this whole thing mean, I hope it’s a big love fest.”
Whatever happens, it’ll be big.

Brooks originally announced one show in Fargo.

When tickets went on sale, the ticket website crashed.
“The start wasn’t the greatest with the whole meltdown of the system,” Brooks admits,  “but it did show you, holy cow, there could be something really special going on here.
That’s why they added three more shows.
Trisha Yearwood, explains, “When it comes up, hey we got more people, we could sell more shows, he wants to do that to take care of the people.”
Brroks adds, “I’ll be honest. Did we ever think the tickets would go like this? No. It was very sweet.”
While Brooks admits he was surprised by the amount of support here in Fargo, he says country fans are loyal, and he expects this weekend’s shows to be something special.
“If we were talking at the end of this, I hope they’d say it turned out to be the best time ever,” he says.
Yearwood explains, “Garth hates it when I say this but there’s Garth and there’s everybody else.”
This is Brooks’ first time in Fargo in 17 years.

He says he’s just glad his music has resonated with people for so long, along with a new generation.
“It’s pretty cool to see the faces you’d hope to see again,” Brooks adds, “and then right next to them are faces who weren’t born yet when you played before. Yet both of them know the words, both of them sing really loud, and that makes it fun.”

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