Searching for Rebel: A Story About a Man and His Horse

A Twin Valley woman is trying to find her father’s horse as he battles cancer.

She is desperate to reunite her father with his beloved horse as his battle rages on.

Divorce can tear a family to pieces.

And when a beloved animal is lost in the legal fight, all a family can do is make sure it’s in a good home.

“Well, just to know that he’s okay, even and just to be able to see him.  We understand if somebody owns him, they’re going to love him, too.  There’s not always an option of getting him back, but just to see that he’s okay. He was his best friend.  It’s kind of like somebody’s dog…the dog is the best friend…this is the same thing, but he just couldn’t keep him because that was a part of the court deal.  He just couldn’t keep him,” said Heather Wichern, daughter of Fred Thornton.

Fred Thornton’s granddaughter doesn’t know how divorces work, she just wants to help reunite her grandfather with his best friend.

“I really didn’t understand what was going on, but I kind of want to help out because my grandpa has done so much for me and my whole family…I want to give him something back,” said Abigail Anderson.

Heather knows her father is doing well with his large network of support while he fights lymphoma.

“He’s doing really good because there’s a lot of us to support him.  He’s got a lot of good friends and family everywhere.  He can go to any town and somebody knows him because he’s worked all over the place,” said Wichern.

But in the end, she just wants to her father to see his best friend one more time.

“Just to see him would be awesome,” said Wichern.

Rebel is a 20–year old sorrel quarter horse gelding, 15 hands tall with white hair by his hoof on his hind leg.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Rebel, you can leave a message on Heather’s facebook page.

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