Garth Brooks Holds ProCamp For Local Kids

The man who sings about not being “big on social graces,” graced some Fargo kids with his presence.

Garth Brooks’ Teammates for Kids Foundation and ProCamps collaborated with former NHL players Brian Lee and Mark Cullen, giving kids a chance to not only learn from some of the region’s best, but also give them memories that will last a lifetime.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll never do anything I’m more proud of. I’ll never do anything that I think is more important, other than having children myself and Ms. Yearwood’s husband. I don’t think there’s anything more important than this work right here,” says Brooks.

Country singer Garth Brooks co–founded “Teammate Procamp” back in 1999.

The organization makes stops throughout his tour.

Being the best–selling solo album artist of all time, he isn’t taking his good fortune for granted.

Brooks added, “I think if you’re lucky, you get to a place where you can give back.”

Eighty boys and girls picked up their hockey sticks and shot into action.

Kids learned all about the power of teamwork and why it’s important.

Brooks explains, “The main thing is sports comes and goes, but how we live it, love each other, how we live with each other, that’s forever. And that’s what these guys are teaching them this morning.”

Brooks is talking about Moorhead natives Brian Lee and Mark Cullen who both have had their share playing professional hockey.

“I’m very honored and privileged to be a part of it. I know the kids are having tons of fun but it’s equally as much for us to helping out and playing along with them all day,” says NHL veteran Lee.

“We get to set the example for the younger kids. For the kids themselves, to see that it could be possible for them if they work hard enough and do the right things, I think it’s a very good thing,” says NHL veteran Cullen.

But at this camp, kids are being taught more than just the sport, they’re learning a foundation of love.

Brooks shares, “So plant the seed early, get these kids to love one another. Get them to love themselves. That’s the main thing.”

Since Brooks started Teammate Procamp, more than 3,000 professional athletes have joined the organization and have helped raised more than $100 million.

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