THE BUZZ: Students Use Cat Intestines for Jump Rope Demonstration

Faster than you can jump rope to Miss Mary Mack, a snapchat video went viral showing High School Students in Texas doing an in-class jumping demonstration.

Except their rope…was actually the intestines of a cat.

The students dissected the cat as an experiment in their classroom at Winston Churchill High School.

A spokesperson for the school says the lesson was not meant to be disrespectful and jumping rope was actually the teacher’s idea to show the students how strong a cat’s intestines really are.
And you probably knew this was coming.

Animal rights group PETA says the lesson is cruel and crude and they are offering to donate a digital dissection learning exercise to the school to transition to animal free lessons.

School officials say no one from the class will be punished because there was “no ill will intended.”

However, the lesson plan, they say, will be revised for next year.

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