UPDATE: Fargo’s Hendrickson Takes 2nd in National Billiards Tournament

The General Manager of a local pool hall finishes strong and takes second in a the US Open 8-Ball Championship in Las Vegas.

Rory Hendrickson of Fargo Billiards and Gastropub will take home more than $6,000 for his prize.

KVRR News will catch up with Hendrickson after he comes home to hear all about his experience.


A local man is playing in a national pool tournament and isn’t just holding his own, he’s in first place.

Rory Hendrickson, the General Manager of Fargo Billiards and Gastropub, is in Las Vegas for the US Open 8–Ball Championship.

His co–worker say Hendrickson was taught how to shoot pool by his uncle when he was a kid and found that he had a natural talent for the sport.

To celebrate Hendrickson’s winning streak in the tournament Fargo Billiards will be live streaming his match.

Hendrickson’s coworkers say they’re very proud of him.

“Oh we’re so excited we’re super proud of Rory he’s an amazing guy to work for and learn from so we hope he does very well tonight,” says Amanda Kaloustian, Assistant General Manager of Fargo Billiards and Gastropub.

Even if he were to lose tonight he would still have to be beat again to lose his standing in the tournament.

Fargo Billiards will begin streaming Hendrickson’s match at 7:30.

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