Finally Home: The Red River Valley Welcomes Back National Guard

Eleven National Guard Air Men are home with their families tonight after flying into Hector International Airport this morning.

After a four month deployment in Italy, it was time for these soldiers to come home.

While they expected families and friends to be flooding the gates, there were a few unfamiliar faces too making for an extra special homecoming.
Since the day she said good bye, Melissa Mohr has been waiting for the moment she can welcome her son home again.
“I’m so very proud of him.  He served his country, and I’m just glad he’s home,” says Melissa Mohr of Fargo.
Of course, plenty of kisses and hugs were to be expected but, the line of veterans welcoming home their fellow soldiers was a surprise to Melissa.
“For these people to come out and give their time that they’ve already given means so much to us to have the hero’s welcomed I don’t think you can describe that feeling,” says Mohr.
“I’m humbled every time I get welcomed home like this it’s overwhelming much appreciated but overwhelming,” says Master Sgt. Scot Gordon.
It’s a feeling that no words can describe.
“Indescribable it really is,” says Bradley Reed of West Fargo VFW.
Frank Hebert knows exactly just how important being welcomed home is.
“As a veteran we signed our name on a blank check there is no guarantee we would come back,” says North Dakota Patriot Guard, Frank Hebert.
A Vietnam Veteran, Frank got a different greeting, one he doesn’t want repeated.
“Some of us that came back from Vietnam did not have that welcoming, we got cussed and swore at, spit on, called names,” says Hebert.
“That’s what helped us when we came home in 91 Vietnam veterans were the first ones there to welcome us home so we’ve learned from them not to repeat history,” says Reed.
“But whether it’s running hugs, hand crafted posters or a favorite meal…
“Whatever he wants, whatever he wants,” says Mohr.
It’s clear, the people of North Dakota just want to make sure the men and women who secure our freedom everyday are home safe and sound.

During their time abroad, these airmen were responsible for ensuring that specialized aircraft maintained the most exacting operational and safety standards.