Forbes Magazine Says There’s Still Time To Go To Rio

The 31st Summer Olympics kick off on Friday and Forbes says there’s still time to go.

The magazine reports that additional event tickets have been released for the two week long Olympic games.

Local travel agencies say for people in Fargo, planning this late in the game will not be economical.

Bettie Kensmoe from Travel Travel in Fargo, helped plan locals far in advance.

“Eleven months ahead of time is when they booked theirs. Because there were specific events they wanted to go to and a certain area. Plus right now airfare is like 4,000 dollars they got theirs for 1,400. That’s a huge difference; I mean that pays for your hotel and different things like that,” Kensmoe says.

To get the best deal on vacations, travel agencies say you need to plan as soon as you’re interested in going.

Bursch Travel in Fargo has clients ready to buy tickets for the 2018 winter games.

“I’ve had someone looking for the Korean Olympics for a year now , and those won’t be open for a least until after Rio,” says Sandie Anders,¬† office manager of Bursch Travel in Fargo.

Even planning for last minute trips can take time if your destination requires travel documents.

There’s good news for impromptu 2016 Rio Olympic travelers. From June 1 to Sept. 18, U.S. citizens have a visa waiver when traveling to Brazil.

In general, if prices were initially what held you back from buying, travel agents say it usually doesn’t go any lower.

“As flights and hotels and tours fill¬† packages go higher. So the thought that a last minute package is a fire sale or something like that. That doesn’t happen any more because people go, people plan in advance.” Anders says.

But it doesn’t mean making it to Rio is impossible.

“It wouldn’t be necessarily 100 percent difficult to do, because there is still airfare space available. It’s not going to be most economical and it depends on the events you want to see.” Kensmoe says.

To make it in time for the opening ceremony on Friday from Fargo, airfare starts at $6,000.

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