A Treasure Hunt Without The Seas

If you’re a treasure hunter, there is plenty of treasure to be found right in your area.
It is known to be said, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

But finding the best treasure in town starts with a little research.
It was the ads of Craigslist that led us to our first location.
And treasures were everywhere to be seen.
“1981 Yakima and it’s selling for $1200,” says a garage sale shopper.
“Very cool I’m going to have some very happy grand kids,” says Bill Lucas of North Fargo.
Bill Lucas is a treasure hunter himself but he doesn’t sail the open seas to find his prize.
“Can’t go on a ship to go treasure hunting in the ocean but everybody’s garage sales are treasure enough,” says Lucas.
“I like to drive in different neighborhoods on Thursdays and go oh ‘there’s one there’s one’ because that even adds more to the treasure hunt,” says Lucas.
And Lucas has found his fair share of finds.
“I do theater so I find some of the weirdest costumes and let’s just say I get some weird looks for some of the things I grab,” says Lucas.
“We have an old Victrola that my dad is selling he likes old antiques,” says Nicole Sorby of Fargo.
It’s only about every few years Nicole hosts her own garage sale, but she’s also a self-proclaimed garage sale enthusiast herself.
“Being a single mom on a limited income, you got to make it stretch,” says Sorby.
“The first garage sale I probably went to was five,” says Lucas.
Since then, Lucas has turned his kids into garage sale junkies too.
“I started loving it right away, my two kids were embarrassed but now it’s like dad there is a garage sale let’s stop over and see what we can find,” says Lucas.
So, before the day ends our treasure hunt continues. Who knows what we’ll find.
The most popular day for garage sales is Thursday. By Saturday, many of the items are half priced.

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