Moorhead Hosts Junior Open Tournament

Tennis players from across the region filled the Moorhead High School Tennis Courts.
That’s thanks to the Moorhead Junior Open Tournament.

The competition features singles, doubles and even mixed doubles.

It’s a sanctioned tournament through the United States Tennis Association.

Director of the tournament, Carolyn Kramer hopes the event will inspire even more people to pick up a racket.

“We’ve got more than just the traditional yellow ball these days we’ve got all the different sizes for the different abilities coming in so you can start very young and play it until your old so you literally can play it forever and all you need is a racket and a ball and go jump on some public courts and you’re good to go,” says Moorhead Junior Open Tournament Director, Carolyn Kramer.

The tournament also included some non-traditional tennis games.

The weekend is hosted by the FM Tennis Patrons.

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