Moorhead K-9 Unit Visits Summer Youth Program

Once a week, a group of Moorhead youth get the chance to be mentored by police and other community members.

Moorhead Police say the community is fortunate to be fairly safe, and they hope programs like this can keep it that way.

Every week there’s a new educational activity for the children, and it’s all to get youth and police together in a fun environment.

German Shepard’s Argo and Milo put on a show for 200 lucky kids.

The Moorhead Police K–9 officers showed them what happens when a bad guy tries to get away.

This kicked off the weeks Summer Youth Program, where kids, law enforcement and fun come together.

“These are our school resource officers that they are going to see once they get into the schools, and it hopefully develops that trust, and seeing the face and getting comfortable going to them if they see problems or have a problem,” Leann Wallin says, community policing coordinator.

The program has been going on for 34 years.

The environment encourages conversation between youth and law enforcement.

Third year attendee and the daughter of an officer says she learns something new every week.

“Mainly I started learning here. I learned about not only just like the goods and the bads but more depth into it. And why and how,” Rylie Reveling says.

Registration opens up at the beginning of each summer, and it fills up fast.

The program is funded by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

To learn more about registering click here.

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