Support The Rattlers! West Fargo Baseball Team Heading to Nationals

The Rattlers West Fargo baseball team is headed to the Babe Ruth World Series in Williston in nine short days.

August 11th marks the date these teens play their first game at the Babe Ruth World Series and it’s been a long time coming.

“Yeah it’s been going great, playing our best ball. For the past three years we’ve been winning we won state you know, played really great there,” says Outfielder Caden Jastrem.

A lot of the players have been sharing the field for years.

“Three years for me I’ve been with the team, some guys like five years or more. It’s a really good bond we have here,”Jastrem says.

First Baseman Derrick Miraldi says, “Playing together for so long has really helped a lot. Working hard in practice pays off and games and stuff too and having fun.”

“Just the development from when they were ten–years–old and up it’s just incredible. This is our future high school varsity and Legion baseball players and West Fargo Baseball they give them the right tools to succeed,” Assistant Coach Jason Kuntz says.

On the surface, baseball can seem like a pretty cheap game but when you’ve got to send a large group of 15–year–olds to Williston it can get pretty pricey.

“Most World Series teams, once they win regionals, they get their airfare travel paid to the World Series location but because we’re in state they don’t pay for ours. So even our travel expenses will be out of pocket for our team,” Kuntz says.

The stress of money isn’t hurting the moral here though.

Center Fielder Andy Gravdahl, “It’s going to be fun because we all know what we bring to the table and it’s a learning experience and I think we can do fine if we play as a team.”

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