WE Fest Preparations Underway

The biggest country and camping musical festival in the country is less than two days away.

The WE Fest stage is where legends like Tim McGraw, Kid Rock and even Eric Church are going to take over this place. This is one of the biggest stages in music festivals but not only will this stage be filled come Thursday but also the stands as well.
WE Fest officially kicks off on Thursday but Mike Sipe has already started the party.
“It’s literally starting in January we work just a couple hours every day,” says WE Fest Camper, Mike Sipe.
Mike and his wife prepare for this weekend all year long.
“They’ll be a couple hundred people in here they all know it’s coming then we flew in fresh tuna and fresh alligator,” says Sipe.
And the week never disappoints.
“People plan all year long for this, some people save their money for this, this is their big vacation,” says WE Fest Marketing Director, Mark Bjerke.
Mark and the rest of the nearly 2,000 WE Fest employees are gearing up for a busy weekend.

Mark expects nearly 30,000 campers to fill the site.
“Once the concerts start we have almost another 20,000 people that come in on a daily basis,” says Bjerke.
They call it the walk of fame and that includes all the performers throughout the years that have left their mark here at WE Fest.
“Kid Rock requested we did a military day, so we pulled out all of the stops on Friday night,” says Bjerke.
Mark says WE Fest will not disappoint the star.

Around 8:15 pm Friday night, the air force will fly a B-52 bomber over the stage.

Air force members will also be sworn in at that time.
“Everyone is going to want to be in their seats and lining the streets because that B-52 is going to coming in from the south and right over top,” says Bjerke.
“If you’re looking to buy tickets it’s important to know the source its coming from.

This bar code is what’s going to get you in the concert but it can be easy to take pictures of that online.

Today is the first day VIP campers will be coming in and come Thursday Eric Church will be headlining.

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