Delta Power Outage Affects Flights Out Of Hector

More than 2,000 Delta Airlines flights were canceled nationwide Monday morning, including a few at Hector International Airport in Fargo.

Airports big and small face the after effects of a power outage that caused Delta Airlines’ computer systems to go down.

“This is on a larger magnitude than a northeast U.S snowstorm where they cancel all flights into Boston or Laguardia, those kinds of things. This is on a much larger scale worldwide where an entire system is shut down,” says Executive Director of Hector International Airport Shawn Dobberstein.

Two flights out of Fargo were delayed, but by the afternoon things at Hector International Airport were back to normal.

“We had our first arrival come in from Minneapolis as scheduled, that departed as schedule as well. So hopefully the Delta system is catching up with itself. However that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of passengers at the hub airport in Minneapolis that will have to wait a significant amount of time to be accommodated to their destination,” says Dobberstein.

Fargo passengers had to wait 3 to 4 hours Monday morning for their Delta flights to take off.

Just because getting out of Fargo is easy, it doesn’t mean you’re set for the rest of your itinerary.

In situations like this airport officials say staying in communication with your airline is the biggest priority when traveling.

The possible delays and cancellations don’t worry all travelers from Fargo.

Walter has three flights planned for the day and doesn’t mind if he gets some time to himself in between.

“I’m a writer and I’m finishing up a book. So if I find a corner and a plug in I could go on for hours.” says Walter Boutwell, from Montgomery, Ala.

Travelers that drive to Minneapolis from Fargo to fly are reminded to be extra attentive of flight statuses.

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