Man Allegedly Touched Two Children in Lindenwood Park

Police have identified a man who is accused of inappropriately touching two young children at the playground in Lindenwood Park last night.

The man is accused of kissing a 19-month girl and touching her eight–year old brother in the genitals.

Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel said that a cell phone photo snapped at the scene identified the man, and that they are tracking him down.

They have not released his name.

Witnesses say as the man walked away, he said several times that he loved kids.

Parents around the playground are keeping an extra eye on their children.

“I’d go straight over there and intervene. I would just chat and see what’s going on. Sometimes, people are saying hi and it’s totally friendly. Other times, you get a bad feeling about it so you just move your kids away,” says Sam McKenzie of Brisbane, Australia.

Other tips to keep your kids safe in parks include reminding them not to talk to strangers, stay in groups, and to have an adult nearby.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fargo Police.

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