Sioux Falls Call Center Changes Name

Lawrence and Schiller Teleservices and Midco–Connections now go by the name “Five Star Call Centers”.

The company based in Sioux Falls is growing and offering more jobs in the Fargo area.

Five Star Call Center has four locations in Fargo and is looking for more help for the upcoming holidays.

The centers are looking to hire 20-30 additional full time employees in the next 60 days in Fargo.

Part time holiday workers will set their own schedule and work as little or as much as they want.

“We’ve got 16 year old team members and we’ve got 75-year-old team members and everything on in between. And that’s another thing we’ve really been impressed with in Fargo. There’s a great student population and retirees who want to re–join the work force,” says Joel Sylvester, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Five Star Call Centers.

To apply you can visit their website.

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