Overseas Road Trip: British Man Biking Across America to Help Those in Need

A United Kingdom man is biking across the United States for hearing loss, and his halfway point is right here in Fargo.

From Barnstaple, Massachusetts to Santa Cruz California, this 54–year–old man from Barnstaple, England is not letting age slow him down.

But there’s more to it than just a personal adventure.

He strapped on the third wheel, a tent and five packs, all to raise money for a cause.

“Packed in my job, sold my house, I’m here. Really enjoying it,” says Mark Saunders of Barnstaple, United Kingdom.

With every pedal and every breath, Mark Saunders is two months into his journey of a lifetime.

“United States is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit since I was at school. Places like the Great Lakes, Niagra Falls, Yellowstone,” Saunders says.

It’s the longest bike ride he’s ever taken, but he’s making it look easy.

He’s not just doing it for sport, it’s for a cause he’s passionate about.

Saunders has been suffering from hearing loss since the age of five.

He’s biking to raise money for the See and Hear Centre back in the UK.

He’s received loads of support along the way.

“With me having very severe hearing loss, I find them actually quite supportive, and given me a lot of confidence,” Saunders says.

He’s met lots of new friends along the way, and even met someone in Moorhead who’s hosting him for a couple of nights while he’s in town.

“Friended me on Facebook and kept in touch with me ever since, and one of the ladies, she’s actually from Moorhead, she’s been giving me some tips on how to get to Moorhead, where the breweries are, most important,” Saunders says.

With this being his longest stay outside his hometown, he the countryside reminds him of home.

“Once I came into Minnesota, started seeing cows out in the field for once instead of in the sheds, and it was green as well. Rolling hills,” Saunders says.

The See and Hear Centre says Mark has already raised over £1,500.

To find out how you can donate, head over to https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/marksaunders

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