Rainy Move-In Day for Incoming Dragons

Students are pouring onto MSUM’s campus for move–in day.

Unfortunately, students and parents showing up early were greeted with pouring rain.

Thunderstorms aren’t exactly what you hope for on the day you have to move into a new place, but it’s not stopping a number of students from getting moved–in.

Armed with ponchos, plastic bags, and the excitement of starting college; students, parents, and volunteers push through the rain to unload their cars and trailers.

Although some of the seasoned move–in day staff tell me, the rainy weather might not actually be as bad previous years.

“My freshman year when I moved in it was really hot and muggy and kind of miserable Now it’s rainy but you just take what you get,” says current MSUM student and move-in volunteer Alexis Hanson.

“Thunderstorms aren’t probably what most parents and students hope for on move in day but at this point the rain has stopped and the weather is really very nice and cool which is probably better than some of the 90 degree days we’ve had on move–in day in the past,” says MSUM President Anne Blackhurst.

Some lucky students managed to beat the rain by showing up even earlier.

“I managed to come here before it started raining so I was able to get everything that I needed into my dorm before,” says Alessandra Lopez.

After the rain stops, move–in day picks up momentum as more and more cars pull into the lot in front of Nelson Hall.

And with the sun out and shining, the energy of the day becomes more apparent.

“It’s just a day of excitement and optimism. You can see it on the face of the students and their parents,” says Blackhurst.

“I’m just excited to meet new people and go and try different things,” says Lopez.

And just as the rain turned to sunshine, these students have a bright future ahead.

Move In Day kicks off a long line up of welcome week events at MSUM.

After students finish getting moved in to their dorm rooms, they’re invited to a number of events throughout the week including a pep rally, scavenger hunt, tour of downtown and much more.

University President Anne Blackhurst says these activities are more than just a fun way for students to spend their last few days of summer vacation.

“These first few days are pretty jam–packed. We keep them pretty busy with lots of activities to help them make friends, to get to know one another, to get familiar with the campus. Saturday night we have an outdoor movie on the mall, How To Train Your Dragon,” says Blackhurst.

Welcome week activities run through Sunday night, concluding with the Lighting of the Dragon event at 9 p.m.

If you’d like to see a full schedule of welcome week activities click on this link.

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