UPDATE: Man Dies After Crashing Entire Car into Home in South Fargo

UPDATE: The driver of the vehicle has died. Police identify him driver as 60-year-old Keith McDougall of Fargo. He was pronounced dead at the hospital after being transported following the crash.


A residential neighborhood is still in shock after a car crashes into a home on 58th Avenue South in Fargo.

The driver of the car had already been taken to the hospital.

Authorities say it’s amazing no one else was hurt.

Neighbors gather around to catch a glimpse of the hole in the side of the house in this residential neighborhood.

At first, you wouldn’t guess there was an entire car trapped in the basement.

Around 5:30 pm authorities say an elderly man driving a BMW convertible swerved off the road, crashed through a fence and into the side of the house.

Doug Bredine lives next door.

When he heard the sound of the crash, he says he jumped into action.

He says the driver was apparently having what he thinks was a seizure.

“A distant neighbor from a few houses away came in. And it was him and I and my son that pulled him from the car to perform CPR on him,” says Doug Bredine.

Doug says it didn’t take long for him to realize the man was in serious trouble.

“I was watching this poor man take his final breaths,” says Bredine.

Paramedics showed up at the scene and took over for Doug, doing CPR and trying a defibrillator.

People on the scene here say the car traveled through multiple yards before hitting the home. Almost hitting a kid on the way.

Christian Tidd says he was playing in his backyard when he and another friend heard the BMW.

Tidd says they rushed to the front yard to see what was causing all of the noise.

“I was standing right there and I was waiting like what should I do and then I just panicked and ran,” says Tidd.

Tidd says he saw the BMW swerve and just miss him.

That’s when he says it went flying through the side of the home and into the basement.

“At this time I don’t know if the crash caused him to have a medical event or if it happened beforehand,” says Fargo Fire Chief Tim Binfet.

“God bless all of them, I hope he does make a recovery, I really do but if he doesn’t my heart goes out to the entire family,” says Bredine.

The condition of the man is not yet known.

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