Students Return To NDSU

Summer’s over kids.

Students are moving into the resident halls at NDSU.

The scene at NDSU can only be described as organized chaos.

Tons of students, faculty and volunteers all working in sync to get moved in as quick and easy as possible.

With around 3,300 students moving in today it’s surprising to see that the area in front of the residents halls aren’t really that packed.

Even with all the new students moving in today traffic has remained crystal clear and that’s thanks to NDSU’s streamlined move in plans.

“Before they get here they actually get printed information that tells them exactly which exit to take off the interstate based on which hall. So that we’re automatically dividing and conquering so that they’re not all arriving at the same intersection,” says Rian Nostrum, Director of Residence Life at NDSU.

Once students arrive they’re greeted with a helping hand from the move–in volunteers.

“People are definitely excited to be here and they’re excited to get some help moving in and not having to carry everything by themselves so it’s been fun so far,” says Cole Scherbenske, a move-in volunteer.

Even with 400 volunteers, the day is far from leisurely.

“It’s been good. We’ve been really busy so far this morning. We’ve had a lot of freshman coming in so far, says Mason Wenzel, another move-in volunteer.

One of those freshmen is Rebekka Wanner. She says she’s excited to start here college career and she plans on staying busy.

“I hear there’s never really a dull moment up here. There are lots of clubs and seminars and just things that you can always be doing rather than just sitting in your dorm and being bored. So there’s a lot you can do and I’m excited for that,” says Wanner.

After the students get checked in, have a quick photo–op and set up their rooms it’s time to say goodbye to family and get acquainted with their new home.

NDSU staff tells me they’ll hold plenty of events to help students get familiarized with the campus.

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