Amish Furniture Store Offering Custom-Made Furnishings

A new store in West Fargo specializes in custom furniture made without the benefit of technology.
Everything Amish opened up on 13th Avenue East about six weeks ago.

The owners aren’t Amish.

But they contract with about 150 Amish builders to create unique pieces.

Since each piece is made to order, you can customize furniture however you want.

Owners say that’s one of the benefits of going Amish.

“The main difference is the hand-crafted, and it’s solid wood. There’s no veneers on these pieces. There’s no particle board, pressed wood. It is all actual, solid wood. They don’t start building a piece until the order is placed,” says co-owner Justin Schmaltz.
If you do buy something from Everything Amish, you’ll probably have to wait a while.
Custom ordered furniture takes anywhere from two to three months to come in.