Fargo Fans Stand Behind Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles fans have hatched in Fargo since Carson Wentz was drafted.

Midnight green is popping up left and right in Fargo as Carson Wentz converts football fans to support his new team.

“To have Carson get it to the big time and then start with the eagles is just a great experience for me, coming from NDSU and seeing that happen,” says Randy Rust.

“I’m an NDSU student, I’m a junior and I’ve been watching him since he’s got here,” says Austin Rust, or as his family calls him as of Sunday, Carson Jr.

And that means fans went crazy watching the local hero throw his first NFL touchdown.

“I’ll tell you what he was flawless, One drop pass it was perfect, it was much better than what I was hoping for, BAM,” Dale Rust says, moments after the play.

Ever since he got drafted fans in Fargo have a chance to feel the Philadelphia spirit by ordering a Philly Cheese steak, and you guessed it, it’s number eleven on the menu.

“It’s all for Carson, we wanna be in the total spirit of Philadelphia,” says Dale.

The name on the back of Austin’s jersey means more to him than the one on the front.

“Not really I’m just a Carson Wentz fan,” he replied when asked if he’s always been a Eagles fan.

Because Carson has the power to do that.

“It’s just really great to have a small town guy go against all the odds and make it to this kind of stage. It’s a great experience for him, great experience for the state of North Dakota,” says Randy.

The former NDSU star has taught the Rust family that anything is possible, and they have a message for Carson.

“Good luck Carson. We know you can do it. It’s a long drive, don’t get it all done at once, just take your time, and we’ll see you at the Super Bowl,” says Dale Rust.

Wentz may be states away, but to these fans, he’s one of North Dakota’s best.

Herd and Horns offers an $11 Philly Cheese steak and a Domestic Pint drink special on game days for the Eagles.