Robotics Competition Takes Over NDSU Campus

Robots are not just found on toy store shelves anymore, they’re making their way around NDSU.

The NDSU College of Engineering is hosting their 10th Annual Bison BEST Robotics Competition, where things got heated up.

Middle and high school students from 16 school areas competed with a wide range of robots.

“There’s another one that is really circular that looks like another pig.
We have ones that look like farming equipment this year,” says NDSU STEM Outreach Coordinator, Holly Erickson.

BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology. The mission is to inspire students to pursue careers in science. They’re teaching students how to create robots hands on, and bond with one another along the way.

“Team work is definitely the best part of BEST. It really brings the team together and we all work really hard and we enjoy it,” says Head of Construction of Team NAFA, Thomas Metzger.

Competitors are sharing what goes into putting together their robots and what their favorite part of the competition is.

“I kind of like the challenge of it like it’s really interesting to try and make up an idea. This one’s doing a lot better than the other ones so it’s really nice to kind of work as a team,” says Student at Turtle Mountain High School, J Delorme.

In addition, an award is being presented to the team which exemplifies, project engineering, marketing presentation, team exhibit and interview, spirit and sportsmanship and overall robot performance.

Teams are explaining why their robots are deserving of a win.

“This includes getting the corn the lettuce the tomato as well as the seeds. Our robot it’s durable it’s fast. It has extreme versatility and stability,” says Thomas.

And this is not the end for all competitors. There will be a final round to complete the robotics competition series.

“December 1st, 2nd and 3rd we’ll host 36 teams at the SHAC for the same kind of competition,” says, Holly.

Team leaders say they put nothing but blood sweat and tears into creating their robots.

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