Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Remains Unsolved

It’s the mystery that many thought was finally solved…except it’s not and it’s all due to some fancy television editing.

Producers of a show on the Science Channel claim an Arizona scientist solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle by saying the secret lies in microbursts with hexagonal cloud formation over the region near the Bahamas.

Randall Cerveny is the director of the meteorology department at Arizona State University and was interviewed for the program…but he says the show’s editing was “horrendous” and he was upset after seeing the show.
Cerveny says he offered the microburst explanation as simply a theory and it was the show’s producers who say he solved the mystery.

And if it’s one person who knows, it’s Cerveny.

He is also the head of the United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization, which has the final say on whether or not an extreme weather report is actually a world record.

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