Gaarsland’s Daughters Speak at Sentencing Hearing of Man Accused in Beating Death

The second man out of four charged in the beating death of Joey Gaarsland outside a Fargo bar has been sentenced.

Joey Gaarsland left behind five children, including two teenage daughters.

High School freshman Madison told the court when she marries her dad can’t walk her down the aisle.

“I want to have him there, but he can’t,” she said tearfully as she spoke on the stand.

His daughters Madison and Alison read letters in court shortly before the judge sentenced 36-year-old Jessy Olson to 20 years in prison.

Olson was found guilty of criminal conspiracy and being an accomplice to the death of Gaarsland.

“Twenty years for a senseless act that they did? It’s unfair,” said Gaarsland’s sister, Desiree Reich.

Gaarsland’s family was hoping for closer to 40 years.

“Look what he’s done to his kids,” said Gaarland’s father, Randy Kise. “His youngest boy will never know his dad.”

“My three children do not have an uncle and that was their only uncle,” said Reich.

There are two more sentencings to go and both of Gaarsland’s daughters plan on speaking.

“We just wanted to put our input in to make the sentence stronger or give it a little bit of a touch up so people know where we are coming from,” said Madison.

Going to each sentencing as a family is helping them grieve but they say hearing the details over and over can be tough.

“Each one is a little different,” said Alison. “Not that we have more understanding of who did what on the night but at the same time, they were all involved and the fact is my dad is dead.”

His family says they will continue to fight for justice because they know he would be doing the same.

Scott Moen, who is charged with murder in this case, is scheduled to be sentenced on November 14.

A fourth suspect is also awaiting sentencing.

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