Ed Clapp Elementary Shows Support and Backs the Blue

Ed Clapp Elementary School held a special presentation for the Fargo Police Department.

First and fifth graders worked together to decorate bags of candy and give a short presentation to the Fargo Police Department to show thanks.
Along with the presentation from the fifth graders, the police received hand written thank you letters from the first graders.

Ed Clapp Elementary has been focusing on “giving to others” this school year and with that they have created different service projects for each grade to conduct.
“I think it’s good for our students to get to know the police officers to get to know that they’re safe people,” said Tiffany Johnson, a first grade teacher at Ed Clapp Elementary. “They’re people that you can go to in times of trouble and that they’re not scary. “
The school hopes that this program will make students think of others before themselves.

Although this is the first year Ed Clapp Elementary School is doing this program, they say they will be doing many more service projects in the future.

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