Unglued Pop Up Shop Makes Home in West Acres Mall

A unique Downtown Fargo store is trying out some space at the region’s largest mall.

Unglued is an arts and craft shop that has just set up a temporary pop up kiosk in West Acres Mall.

The shop includes all items from room d├ęcor, to jewelry and other gifts.

They change their crafts depending on which holiday is coming up and being celebrated.

“I’m really excited to bring our local makers to a more southern part of Fargo into the mall setting,” said owner Ashley Morken. “I think is going to be really exciting to give makers the opportunity and for us to try it through Unglued. I think we’re just really going to expand the reach of handmade and locally made in Fargo.”

Unglued will be at West Acres Mall until February 15th.

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