Cryotherapy in West Fargo: Freeze Away the Pain

Cryotherapy, a therapeutic trend getting attention around the nation, is now available in West Fargo

Patients enter a chamber cooled between -170 degrees to -250 degrees Fahrenheit for periods between one and three minutes.

Proponents say the therapy can treat pain, speed up muscle recovery, can help regulate blood pressure and alleviate stress.

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy opened in August and has been treating many local athletes and the elderly.

“Some people don’t like the physical touch of a massage so this just really loosens up lactic acid in your system,” said Pam Bradow, who owns Glacial Peak. “They came out saying their legs felt more alive and recovered so that they could go hit the gym.”

Glacial Peak also offers other cryo–services like cold–air skin treatments as well as compression therapy treatments.

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