Chipotle Lawsuit Accuses Restaurant Chain of False Calorie Count on Chorizo Burrito

Chipotle just can’t seem to catch a break.

The restaurant chain is coming under fire after three customers file a lawsuit claiming Chipotle misled the public by claiming the Chorizo Burrito was only 300 calories, when it fact, it can be nearly three times that amount or more.

The complaint accuses Chipotle of making customers think their food is healthier than what it really is and if the suit is successful, anyone who bought food from the restaurant four years prior to the complaint would be covered.

One of the customers behind the lawsuit brought in Los Angeles Superior Court says he ordered the Chorizo Burrito under the belief he was getting a 300 calorie dish but after eating it, “felt excessively full” and investigated.

After going to the online nutrition fact sheet and plugging in each of the items listed on the advertising board in the picture above, the calorie count actually is 1,055 calories.

Chipotle responded to other customers who reached out to them on Twitter, saying the 300 calorie indicator on their advertising is meant to be just for the chorizo and the burrito with just white rice and black beans is 930 calories, which is listed on their online nutrition fact sheet.

The plaintiffs say they are seeking damages and want the court to ban the restaurant from misleading nutritional facts on their products.

Earlier this year, Chipotle closed down all of its restaurants nationwide for a period of time for all staff to be trained on food safety after the CDC confirmed 60 people in 14 states, including Minnesota and North Dakota, became sick with E.coli after eating at the establishments in two separate outbreaks in 2015.

Twenty-two of those people were hospitalized and all eventually recovered.

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