FM Dazzles in Holiday Lights for Annual Xcel Energy Parade

It’s time to kick off the holiday season with the annual Xcel Energy Holiday Lights Parade and that is where our KVRR anchors are right now.

TJ: There is excitement in the air here in Moorhead.  We are getting ready to kick off the holiday season with the Xcel Energy Holiday Lights Parade.  We’re going to start in Moorhead, go down Center Avenue, across NP Avenue bridge and head up Broadway to Sixth Avenue North.

ROB: We’re going to end up near the Sanford Hospital.  Of course, Broadway is super decked out this year with lights.  It’s going to be a really nice parade route to get out and about.

TJ: The weather getting a little bit better, it was a little misty on the way here.

ROB:  Yeah, if you look up in the street lights, there’s still a little bit of drizzle, but no on the rain.  We might get a little bit of drizzle or fog rolling in but otherwise it should be dry for the parade.

TJ:  We want to show you some of the floats here.  We’ve got three lines of floats that are lined up on Center Avenue in Moorhead waiting to go in the parade, which starts at 6:30pm.  Right behind us is the Doggy Depot.  We want to thank them for giving us some juice tonight because we plugged into their generator so we could bring you our LIVE shot.  There is a lineup of trucks, vehicles…all kinds of animals and people and lots of lights.  The Holiday Lights Parade will again, begin at 6:30.  We’ve got lots of candy to hand out so we encourage you to come on down along the parade route.

ROB: The weather should be pretty good.  Obviously we had a little bit of inclement weather to start the day but things are looking a little bit better.  Most of the snow is coming to an end, mainly over in parts of northern Minnesota.  But it’s clearing out and what the Doppler doesn’t pick up is the little bit of drizzle.  We will see off and on drizzle through the evening hours overnight.  Planning for your day tomorrow, it will be about 29 degrees at 8:00am, 33 degrees by noon and 35 by the afternoon.  We could roll out a flurrie or a passing drizzle shower but the wind should be a lot lighter, certainly more so than it was today.  But we may be talking about a little bit of snow possibly for Thanksgiving.


ROB: I’ve moved up to the float in front of KVRR with Grace Lutheran School.  They are going to sing songs during the parade route.  I will give a secret away here…they have a heater!  These guys are all prepared and all decked out.  It is a little chilly out here tonight with a little drizzle coming down but believe me, I’ve been in far colder Holiday Lights Parades.


ROB: Nick, the weather here has clearly gone to the dogs!  This is Roscoe! We are with the Doggy Depot.  Thanks to them for being our backdrop!  Temperatures are through the low 30s so it’s going to be a nice night with some patches of fog and drizzle…maybe a snow flurrie here or there.  For tomorrow, we’ll hit about 35 degrees with an overcast sky again.  There could again, be a passing flurrie.  Tomorrow, you can go get yourself a piece of pie at Village Inn for the Wednesday free slice of pie special.  Thanksgiving we are looking at again maybe a little snow system coming in so we will certainly keep an eye on that as well.  We will have all of your weather updates on our Facebook, Twitter and website at!

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