National Adoption Month: A West Fargo Family’s Story

When children enter the foster care system, adoption experts at PATH say their goal is to get them home.

But they also say in some situations, home is not best for the child.
It’s one of many reasons why one West Fargo family adopted two boys after being their foster parents.

They say everybody needs a family.

Rob and Angela Vojacek opened their home as foster parents.
“Throughout the process, you don’t think about fostering and adopting going together, but that’s how it happened,” said Vojacek.
Angela says when these two walked in the house, they knew things would change.
“There just wasn’t any way that we could let them go,” said Vojacek.
Through PATH’s adoption programs, the boys became theirs forever.

But once the adoption is finalized, PATH doesn’t stop there.
“There are times when you still have questions and you don’t know how to handle situations and they’re right there to help me, I’ve never felt alone,” said Vojacek.
Angela says nothing compares to the first time they called her mom.
“I was actually making dinner, and he just came running in and he said, ‘Mom do you think that tomorrow we could go here,’ and so it took me a minute to register that. There’s no feeling like that, to hear those words for the first time,” said Vojacek.
“It’s so important to have folks like Angela and Rob that take them into their home, adopt them and make them part of their family. It’s just a wonderful thing,” said Vojacek.
Angela says throughout the years, both of them have been growing and changing in great ways.
“He has had some really great supports through PATH that have helped him deal with a lot of his fears and anxieties,” said Bill Grommesh, PATH Recruitment and Licensing Supervisor.
Their grades continue to increase, and the family continues to flourish.
“He has changed a lot and now he’s just silly and fun and hyper and crazy, but it’s all in good ways,” Vojacek said.
Good ways that make a family complete again.
To find out more about PATH’s foster care program, head to our website and click this story.

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