Rob Kupec Helps Farmers Prepare for the 2017 Season

Our very own Chief Meteorologist helped farmers prepare for next year’s planting season.
KVRR Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec used data from previous years and readings of what’s to come to find out how wet, cold and dry the next growing season could be.

Based on his research, Rob thinks March will be warmer than usual with an average spring season to follow.

He says the summertime will likely be average, but the winter may be a little colder.

“So I think we’ll probably do better winter precip than we’ve done in the last couple of years, which isn’t saying much since we didn’t have snow, and probably the temperature will be a little cooler than average,” Kupec said.

NDSU meteorologist Daryl Ritchison also gave his forecast and had similar predictions to Rob’s.

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