UPDATE: Pilot Identified in Fatal Plane Crash Near Wild Rice River


Authorities have identified the pilot who was killed in a plane crash east of I-29 near the Wild Rice River Thursday.

They say 55-year-old Hans Ahlness died when the Cessna Model 340 N123KK had an in-flight emergency shortly after taking off from Hector International Airport at about 4:30pm and crashed in a field.

Ahlness was the only person in the plane.

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One man is dead after a plane crashed east of I-29 near the Wild Rice River.
Highway Patrol said the 55-year-old pilot had no other passengers on board the 1973 Cessna Model 340 at the time.
Police were called to the crash just after 4:30 p.m., hearing it may have landed in the interstate.

They said the plane was in several pieces when they showed up.

It was found next to the Wild Rice River a half mile east of I-29 near mile marker 54, south of County Road 14.
“There was a pilot in the plane, he is deceased. At this point in time, I am not releasing a name,” said Captain Bryan Niewind with the North Dakota Highway Patrol.
The pilot was pronounced dead at the scene.
“The plane became fully engulfed in flames and he suffered fatal injuries because of the crash and of the fire,” said Captain Niewind.
Highway Patrol believes the plane went through trees before landing on private property in the field.

There were no reports of other injuries to those living near the site.
“We believe it had just taken off from the Fargo airport, suffered an inflight emergency, and attempted to set itself down and crashed out here,” said Captain Niewind.
Another small plane crashed in Moorhead the day before Thanksgiving.

The pilot missed the runway on a night filled with dense fog.

All seven passengers were able to walk away with minor injuries.

But this one was different.

Authorities do not know the exact cause of the crash but will use radio conversations to learn more.
“The pilot was in contact with the radio tower and I will be getting that information on what kind of traffic they had back and forth prior to the crash,” said Captain Niewind.
At this time, they do not know if the plane was privately owned.

The tail number has not been released.
The FAA is there now investigating the crash.


Authorities have confirmed with KVRR’s Nick Broadway that the pilot of the plane that crashed between Horace and I-29 has died.

The pilot was the only person on board the small plane.

We will have more details on KVRR Local News at 9.


We begin with breaking news out of south Fargo where a small plane crashed around 4:30 this afternoon off of I-29 near Cass County 14.
KVRR’s Nick Broadway joins us live from the scene with the details.

Authorities have confirmed that a plane is down.

We do not know the exact size of the plane and we do not know how many people were on it at the time.

Authorities have not confirmed with details whether or not anyone is injured or whether or not anyone has survived the crash.

We are just south of County Road 14.

The crash is not near a road or on a road, it is in a field and some trees, according to authorities.

Authorities have also said they received a call from Hector International Airport just after 4:30pm.

They say the pilot was attempting to land somewhere on I-29 and that is all we know at this time.

Stay tuned to KVRR Local News for developing information once we confirm it with authorities.


Rescue Units are responding to a plane crash just south of I-29 near Horace.

A call came into dispatch from Hector Airport saying a pilot was having trouble on board and was attempting to land on the the interstate.

The crash was reported just after 4:30pm two miles south of 52nd Avenue and one mile east of I-29.

We have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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