Berndt Fired from Cass County Commission

Cass County’s Administrator, who had been suspended, has been fired.

It all started when Keith Berndt was kicked off a plane in Chicago for allegedly being intoxicated.

The Board of Commissioners held a special meeting this morning.

Berndt’s lawyer opened the public hearing asking that he not be terminated.

“Lawful activity off the employer’s premises, non-working hours and not in direct conflict with Cass County,” said Berndt’s attorney Leo Wilking, listing the reasons why. “How can you say that someone who has an exchange of words with a flight attendant and uses a vulgarity is in direct conflict with the interest of Cass County?”

Berndt was suspended after he was accused of disrupting a United Airlines flight to Fargo.

A flight attendant said he was disruptive and had him removed from the flight.

Commissioners voted four to one to fire Berndt.

“The series of events that led up to today is what caused this,” said Cass County Commissioner Chad Peterson.”It wasn’t one action, it wasn’t some issue he had on a personal nature. It was a series of events over time, that’s why we’re here.”

Berndt was given the standard two weeks severance.

The Cass County Board of Commissioners says that Berndt’s termination will begin immediately.

Berndt addressed the board saying that even though it wasn’t the result he was hoping for, he’s not going to harbor any anger and wishes them the best of luck in the future.

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