Gov.Dalrymple Says Denial of DAPL Easement Is A “Serious Mistake”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied the easement for under Lake Oahe and they want the pipeline re–routed.

Governor Dalrymple is calling it a “serious mistake.”

Governor Dalrymple, Senator Hoeven, and Congressman Cramer have all repeatedly asked for the easement to be granted for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

All three released statements of disappointment following the announcement that the Army Corp of Engineers will explore other routes.

“The Army Corps of Engineers will deny the permit to bore underneath the Missouri river , I just wanted to give everyone.. I’m happy” said Kandi Mosset of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Mosset is one of many celebrating the news that the Army Corps of Engineers is refusing to grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Governor Dalrymple stands by his position of asking the federal government to bring the situation to a conclusion.

He says in a statement in response to the announcement “it does not resolve the issue, and worst of all it prolongs the serious problems faced by North Dakota law enforcement”.

Senator Hoeven said the decision doesn’t resolve anything, he says “it passes the decision off to the next administration, which has already indicated it will approve the easement.”

“We didn’t just come in here and stop a pipeline, we’re showing what just transition truly looks like,” Mosset said.

Senator Heitkamp says the delay in action doesn’t move anything forward and “the pipeline still remains in limbo”.

Congressman Kramer says the Assistant Secretary of the Army was unable to give any legal reasons for the decision he said “I feel badly for the Corps of Engineers because of the diligent work it did on this project, only to have their Commander–in–Chief throw them under the bus “

“We can celebrate our victory but we have to remain vigilant,” said Mosset.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said in a statement that they hope the incoming Trump Administration will respect this decision.

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