Slumberland, Salvation Army Bear Gifts of Warm Comfort and Joy for Local Families

Santa isn’t the only person some kids around the F-M area were looking forward to seeing this holiday season.

Destiny Holiday’s grandchildren are just five of the 72 children from the F-M area who received beds from Slumberland Furniture in West Fargo.
“I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful,” said Destiny. “I got so much peace. Our life is so much better.”
The money to purchase the beds is from Slumberland employees who donate part of their paychecks each month.
“What’s really cool about that is when they put those funds aside, often times, some of these employees are making these deliveries,” said Derick Vettleson, who is with Slumberland. “They get to see the kids that they’re actually donating their money to.”
The Salvation Army helps choose families.
“We collect the applications from other organizations, through social service organizations and our own,” said Major Byron Medlock with the Salvation Army. “Then we compile them and then we have staff that goes over them and reviews every one of them.”
Vettleson said beds are an important thing for kids to have.
“Having a great night’s sleep for a kid is so vital because it affects their health, their attitude, and ultimately that can affect their grades in school as well,” he said.
“Our life is going to be better, going to be much better,” said Destiny. “I feel so connected, feel so much peace, so much peace and I’m just grateful, I am just a grateful grandmother.”
Slumberland employees are already starting to donate money for next year’s fund.
Over the past 22 years, Slumberland Furniture has donated more than 20,000 beds to those in need.

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