Moorhead Bus Driver Responds to Horizon Student’s Swearing with Racial Slur

We are getting a look at the heated exchange last month on a school bus filled with kids from Horizon Middle School in Moorhead.

Students claim the driver got into a dispute with two to three kids on the bus that quickly escalated into the driver quitting and stranding 20 kids in Moorhead’s Industrial Park.

You can hear at least one kid swear at him and he responded with a racial slur.

“Yeah I need somebody to come over and take over for this bus, I’m getting off,” said the driver to dispatch.

You can then hear the children scream and cheer.

“Go, bye,” said the driver as students started to get off the bus. “Once you get off the bus I’m taking off.  Get off my bus! What the ****!  ****, **** You n*****, get off my bus!”

The school district confirmed that several students heard the driver use the racial slur and that a number of kids on the bus were African American.

Even though he claimed he was quitting, the bus driver was actually fired three days later by Red River Trails where he had worked for about two months.

Police decided against recommending criminal charges.


We are getting our first look at the bus ride that ended with kids stranded in Moorhead.

“We’ll sit here all night, I don’t care,” said the driver to the students. “I don’t have to be nowhere tonight.   I’ll sit here all day.  Better talk to those three back there.”

On the video from the November 22nd bus ride, the driver is heard saying one child had flipped him off.

Students told school administrators that two or three students got into a dispute with the driver.

He was fired a few days later.

On KVRR News at 9, hear what kids had to say to him, and the slur he yelled at the kids as they left the bus.

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