Concordia College Employees Launch the Green Office Program

A local college’s employees are leading the way and going green.

The Green Office Program gives staff members the opportunity to request green products for free in efforts to make the office more eco-friendly.

Samantha Westrate, who is the university’s Sustainability Coordinator, brought the program to Concordia College in efforts to make the college more sustainable.

“Instead of creating a lot of trash, instead of creating a large carbon footprint, it means that choosing your actions to have a positive impact now and later,” she explained.

As part of the Green Office Program, employees receive a green reusable bag full of green products such as reusable mugs and a green power strip.

“We’ve installed the power strips,” said Audra Freeman, who is an Office Manager at the university. “We’re also increasing our recycling efforts, paper recycling, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. We’re adding recycling stations throughout our building.”

Once employees sign up to participate, they are motivated by gaining points to receive a plaque.

Freeman says people in her office are really enthusiastic about this program.

“I have had people come to me and ask me about the type of paper or mail that they get and if it’s material that can be recycled and what they should do with it,” she said.

This program helps show how important everyone is in making the community a greener space.

“I think it’s important because even if you’re not a student on a campus, you still affect how the campus runs,” said Westrate. “So by giving them supplies, it helps them to focus on what they’re doing in the office.”

So far, more than 200 people at Concordia College have participated in this program.

No office has received a plaque yet, but they’re still in their early stages of the program.

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